Our Projects

Our Projects


Afromothers outreach initiatives focus on preventive care and health education, promoting early detection of diseases and raising awareness about disease prevention, healthy lifestyle choices, and the importance of regular check-ups. We engage communities directly, outreach programs empower individuals to take control of their health.


Afromothers, we believe that empowering women is the best solution to bridge the gap of poverty in homes. We do this by training them in skills of business and standing as their platform for networking. Women’s active participation in the business sector contributes significantly to economic growth.

By empowering women entrepreneurs, economies can harness the full potential of their workforce and stimulate innovation and productivity. Here are strategies for women’s business empowerment; Entrepreneurial Training and Education, Mentorship and Networking, Resource Centers for Women Entrepreneurs, Skills Development, Community Awareness and Changing Mindsets, and Access to Technology and Digital Platforms.


Afromothers is committed to transforming lives by providing comprehensive Counselling and Mental Health Support in communities, organisations and schools. By offering accessible, culturally sensitive services, we empower individuals to navigate challenges, foster positive relationships, and build resilience. Through psychoeducation, support groups, and community engagement, Afromothers aims to reduce stigma, enhance emotional well-being, and create nurturing environments that promote academic success and overall community flourishing.


This celebration isn’t just about festivities; it’s a salute to her strength and resilience.
Her journey echoes the foundation’s commitment to empowering mothers, providing them with the
tools and support needed to rewrite their narratives and chase their dreams.


Afromothers Foundation is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to orphans through a range of impactful initiatives. Our activities focus on creating a nurturing environment that goes beyond basic needs, fostering emotional well-being, and providing essential support to empower these children to overcome adversity and build a brighter future. Through a combination of tailored programs and compassionate care, we strive to be a beacon of hope and healing for orphaned children, helping them realize their full potential and thrive in life.